Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting the hang of things

I'm a new blogger, as well as a new crafter, so there are many things that I'm still trying to get the hang of. Binding and blogging are two that come to mind.

Here is the king sized quilt I FINALLY finished for our bed. It's been "ready" for quite some time, just waiting on someone to come along and bind it. I put it off as long as I could. It's simply too hot to be using our down comforter these days so I had no choice but to sit down and knock it out. It's really light weight, simple and bright, fitting for Texas summers.

I made a lot of mistakes in this quilt. Very trial and error. I was so ready to be done with this thing, I wound up cutting a lot of corners. The backing is a king size sheet from Target and I top stitched the binding through all seven layers. The end result is far from perfect, but it's over with and that's all I care about at this point. I promise I'm not usually this lazy, but man! This is a HUGE quilt!!!

Here's the quilt for my pregnant sister. Her boys' room has a "transportation" theme, so I thought this would be fitting.

I didn't cheat on the binding for this one, but it's still not up to par.

Again, this is far from perfect. I used the wrong foot on the sewing machine, the wrong batting in the middle, and the wrong measurements for the back (there's a really ugly part that got pieced together last minute that I'm purposely not showing you.) But again, it's finished and that's all that matters. I wanted to give this to my sister for Mother's Day, but it wasn't ready in time. It's belated, but at least she's getting it before the baby arrives, right?

The dogs don't like it when I quilt rather than pay attention to them. (I wish this picture wasn't so dark. His sad puppy dog face is priceless!)

They make seam ripping so much more enjoyable. (From left to right is Leo the Boston Terrier, Annabelle the Lhasa Apso and Murphy the Brussels Griffon.)

(All fabrics are from Joann.)


Allison said...

I LOVE the quilt on your bed! The colors are beautiful! My favorite quilts are always the simple ones. Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison

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