Thursday, June 11, 2009

So much to do!

Once my mom saw the Margaret bag I made for my sister's birthday, she demanded, I mean requested that I make something for her as well. She wanted a tote that she could use casually throughout the summer - going to the lake or on vacations. It's not exactly my style, but my mom is the most patriotic person I know, so I thought this seasonal fabric I found at JoAnn's would be just perfect for her.

It's a very large bag, perfect for carrying a couple of towels, some bottles of water and a bag of snacks! The bottom is quilted for extra stability.

The next time I'll see my family is Father's Day weekend. That's nine days to finish the following projects:

+Resize the hooded towel to fit a toddler
+Lengthen the strap to my sister Amanda's purse
+Quilt and bind Amanda's quilt that was intended as a Mother's Day gift
+Finish quilting Mom's quilt that was intended as a Mother's Day gift
+Finish binding Nikki's quilt that was intended as a Mother's Day gift
+Cut, piece, and quilt Dad's quilt and hope that I can give it to him on the day for which it's intended!

Yes, I'm a month behind on gifts. Shhhh. I'm already tired just thinking about all of the stuff I have to do. Thank goodness I've decided to use the birthing, or turning, method on Mom and Dad's quilts.

I've never completed a full quilt before, but I have six "in progress" quilts and three others on my to-do list after that. I am either very ambitious... or a dang fool!


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